Waking Up In Middle School-Personal Narrative

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Leaving behind seven years seems unbearable. The thought of never waking up to see my grandparents, aunt, and uncle. I can visualize their faces when I said my last goodbye at the airport. Pretending to put on a happy face for the sake of me, but that didn't fool me I could see the hurt in their faces. I feel lost, leaving the family that I grew up with my whole life just seemed scary but I was also eager to see the excited faces of my parents at the airport, impatiently waiting for me to walk out the elevator towards them. I'm torn in between leaving my family in Ethiopia and finally getting to live with my parents. This was too much for a seven year old to handle. I was born and raised in Ethiopia. I came to the U.S. when …show more content…
Moving back and forth between two different countries was confusing and made me incapable of grasping either language and develop it. I remember this one time. Middle school was really hard, especially keeping up in 7th grade. I remember watching a video about the labor movement. When the teacher asked a question, everyone was raising their hands, very excited to answer, as if they were in a competition and I was just there, sitting with my hands kept to myself. I look around the room to see everyone have the answer except me. I'm freaking out on the inside, my hands are sweaty, my heart beating so fast that it felt like I was having a mini attack. I feared that the teacher might call on me. That was the moment that I wished I was invisible. I look down to avoid eye contact, hoping that I wouldn't embarrass myself by saying something that was incorrect. I'm surrounded by people who know more about the topic than me which made me feel stupid. My accent and grammar had an affect on my learning which made things worse. In normal conversations, my friends and classmates around me seemed to know more sophisticated words than I did. I would hold back on questions that I had in front of class, just in case they knew and I didn't. This experience made me hold back on many things, but also taught me new

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