Waking Life Film Analysis

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In the movie, Waking Life, there are many scenes that describe and demonstrate existentialism. Once such scene begins with a tattered pirate flag that is hung off a boat being used as a car. Within the scene the driver gives a lecture to the main character about life and existentialistic ideas. The scene ends when the other passenger gives direction on where to drop off the main character. This scene illustrates the idea that man is constantly inventing man because of its dialogue, different art styles between some of the characters, and the absence of sound outside of passing cars. In film sound is used in many ways, such as to create a mood or move a scene forward. However silence can be just as powerful. In the scene’s case, there was very …show more content…
Both the main character and the driver have simplified facial features, as well as being unusually shiny and smooth. The driver has over-dramatized puffy cheeks but when the other passenger finally gets a close-up shot his face is shadowed, defined and realistic. Maybe a realistic style is saved for those who make a choice that would reinvent man as both the driver and the main character defect their choice to him. It is true that choosing to let someone else to choose is still a choice, but allowing someone else decide doesn’t redefine man as much as choosing where someone gets off because the place he gets let off will change his life more than letting someone else decide for him. On the other hand, the change in style may have been more innocent. The other passenger sat in the shadow of the driver. In other words, the shadows could have made it harder to view facial features of this character in the original style and to accommodate this obstacle, the artist decided to use an art style that would show more contrast. But then the question is, why not draw in this style for the entire scene? One could go back to the previous theory or assume that the artist couldn’t draw all of the things in the scene in a more realistic

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