Waiting Management At The Emergency Department Essay

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Burström, L., Starrin, B., Engström, M., & Thulesius, H. (2013). Waiting management at 
 the emergency department - a grounded theory study. BMC Health Services 
 Research, 13(1), 1-10.

The purpose of this study was to investigate waiting times in emergency rooms. Before the study was conducted, nearly 38% of patients were waiting over four hours to be seen. A grounded theory study was used to look into this issue. This type of study uses both qualitative and quantitative data, which was collected at three different hospitals: ED 1 was qualitative, ED 2 and 3 were quantitative. From 2009-2011, each hospital had 150,000-200,000 total visits. The three hospitals differed in the way that triage was performed. ED 1 used a nurse, ED 2 used a nurse and then an emergency physician, and ED 3 used a senior physician. ED 1 was used as the control because nurses are generally in charge of assessing triage in emergency departments. The article stated that ED 3 had a lower 7-day mortality compared to ED 1 and 2. This difference was found to be significant using comparative analysis (no p-value found). This means that having a senior physician perform the triage leads to much better results in the emergency department. Overall, it was found that an increase in wait time leads to the staff getting frustrated and shameful. This issue could further slow down efficiency. Lastly, the authors explained that waiting management, such as increasing patient flow or changing the waiting room…

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