W. W Jacobs The Monkey's Paw

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In “The Monkey's Paw” By w.w Jacobs was about Mr.White and his family who get three wishes. Mr.white uses his wishes rashinoly. In “The Third Wish” the main character mr.peters, also is granted three wishes. He wished of his wishes Sisley. Both of these stories end up with consequences. In the monkey's paw there are 3 more characters and there names are Herbert white as the son and Mrs.white as the wife and Sergeant-major Morris as the visitor. In the third wish there are two other characters and there names are the king of the forest, and Leila as the wife, and the swan. Some of them are almost the Sami as the main characters in the story.
There are different elements in the story called monkey's paw. Mr.white gets given a magic monkey's paw
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Mr.peter wanted three wishes to change his life. His first wish was for a wife,his wife’s name is Keith. One day he saw his wife crying near the lake hugging a swan and she told him that the swan was her sister and. She missed her a lot. He offered to turn her sister into a swan but she said its to complicated to be a human. His second wish was to turn his wife back into a swan to be with her sister because she was crying in her sleep saying take me with you sister plZ. He realized she missed her sister very much. He did not have a third wish, and he dies happily of old age. But the sisters would watch over him and when there were burglars take them out of the house. They would protect him and help him every day.
The monkeys paw, and the third wish are the some in many ways because they are teaching you the same lesson about life. Don’t play around with your life because you never know what bad is going to happen. Bot of these stories involve family, magic, 3 wishes, and deaths. They are not by the same author. What I mean by family is they are the same because in the monkeys paw it’s a family and in the third wish he has a wife but no kids. And bye magic I mean that there are magic objects and people in the story like the king of the forest and the monkeys paw. And the deaths in the story is Herbert, and Mr.peters. Those are the similarities in the stories.
These two story’s set a good example because I you change one thing about

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