Summary Of Short Story: The Monkey's Paw

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Short stories originated from the oral storytelling traditions in the 17th century. These stories where not meant to bore the reader, they were made to more to entertain the audience. Along with the short story here is usually a theme that the author is trying to teach. Short stories are a work of fiction; the events that occur in these stories are not true. “The monkeys paw” theme is be careful for what you wish for. Even though wishes aren’t true in real life some events may be close to making wishes. Sometimes when the person finally gets what they want they realize it is not as satisfying as they were thinking t it was going to be.

William Wymark “W.W” Jacobs was an English author of short stories and novels. He was known for writing
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He also told him that the wishes do come true but as the outcome someone will pay for the fortune. Mr. White was amused by the paw but at the same time he argued that it was not true. Major Morris wanted to burn it because he once used it and the paw ruined his life. Mr. White insisted to buy it off his hands, Major Morris warned him of the evil and danger it brings for the user. Mr. White still wanted to buy it so he did. His first wish was for two hundred pounds of money. As soon as he made the wish he fell to the ground in pain and nothing happened at first. When he got up he yelled in fear that the paw moved in his hands but they didn’t think much of it. So the family thought the paw was just a myth. The next day Herbit, the son of Mr. and Mrs. White sets off for work in the morning. A couple hours later a man was sent to the whites home to give them horrible news, Herbit was killed in a accident with a machine. His parents were devastated. The man that was sent to give them the bad news was also given two hundred pounds of money to give to the family for their tragedy. Now Mr. White realized that the paw is truly evil and dangerous. Throughout this story a lot of foreshadowing takes place. The idea of foreshadowing is to give readers clues about what to expect later on in the story and it also builds the

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