Voting Rights Of The United States Essay

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Since the very first day of America, voting was the soul of the nation, a direct power of people to keep the country growing and create a government base on the words: “we the people”. The matter of voting rights in the United States has been argumentative through United States history. The voting right in the United States first was made only for white people who own land in 1776. But though out the history, it was given to every citizen. But the trust in government people still very low, which is reflected in voted rate. Suffering from a war against the British, the Founders of America want to create an equal nation, for the people, and by the people. But does not need to come to the day nation was born; the voting was existed in America since the sellters arrived at Jamestown. It was April 26, 1607, the leader of 105 colonist open a sealed box contain a list of seven man was picked by England for the local council, and let this seven man right to vote for a colonial president. Captain John Smith reported to England from Jametown, "Arriving at the place where we are now seated, the Counsel was swore, the President elected, which for that year was Master Edw. Maria Wing field." Voting latter became common, nonetheless it is not the same everywhere. Every colony followed different systems, rules, limits, and allowances. by the general current principles, the voting right of colonist was limited and has not much place to practice. Governor of colony were mostly chose by…

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