Essay about Voting For A Woman President

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Topic - Voting for a Woman President In 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment made it clear that no state may deny the right to vote on the bases of sex, (Wilson, Dilulio, & Bose, 2016). Since then the 18-24 year old women voters in America have taking the lead and the men have been out numbered; as far as voting in elections as 55% of the women voted for Obama, whereas only 45% of the men voted him in as our president. Things have changed rapidly since World War II when women it was considered necessary for a woman to step up to the plate and keep America going while their spouse were at war. Although, woman, "have come a long way baby" with being liberated, higher education, etc., - I have to ask, "will a woman president (Hillary Clinton) truly make a difference for women in America?" As it appears, Obama has not made a difference for Blacks since he was elected. During World War II, women moved into the manufacturing plants and performed men 's jobs while the they were at war, during that time frame the term "Rosie the Riveter" was discovered and the Fourteenth Amendment was being scrutinized as it read: which prohibits any state from denying "any person" the "equal protection of the laws". In 1970, the court had to determine whether or not it would bar some, all, or no sexual discrimination, therefore the court had three standards: reasonableness, intermediate scrutiny, and strict scrutiny to contend with. So from here on out, women have taken the lead in…

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