Voting : A Right Or A Requirement? Essay

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Voting: a Right or a Requirement?
Although only 60% of eligible voters vote, voting should be an option rather than a mandatory task. People have their reasons for voting and not voting, and they should be the ones to decide whether they want to or not, rather than forcing someone who isn’t educated in politics to vote, which could completely change the outcome of an election. Compulsory voting would be a bad idea as it would alter the results negatively by causing people who don’t care about politics to just vote for someone randomly, the idea itself is unconstitutional and against everything the document says, and it would just ruin the point of voting as results could end up being inaccurate.
Some people may argue that mandatory voting will more people get involved and thus elections would have better outcomes. However, most of the people who don’t vote likely have little to no care about politics and what’s happening. “Compulsory voting won’t produce smarter policies - or smart presidents” (Damon). This quote tells how no matter how many people vote, the president will be the president; it will not change how he works and is not going to make him become a better leader overall. All this would do is make people who really don’t pay attention to politics to vote for someone who they may just know from the news or TV. More people voting doesn’t mean presidents will get better. “The president says he wants to make it easier for people to vote. Fine. He could work to lengthen…

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