Volume 4 : What You Because Do They Have? Essay

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Volume 4: what you even see in her?
"What 's going on? ”
"The two men said, when plainclothes police followed them, they’re afraid of the police, they temporarily drop the device and escaped.”
" "What details do they have?”
"Well ... ...they Fake reporters...... "
"Who said only real journalists carried cameras?”
"But they were wearing fake press cards on their chest,
"Let me ask you, how they know they were followed by policeman?”
"the policeman hot pursuits them, they panicked, so......"
"Chase them? "Gu Hai fury, Panther his leopard-like body on the couch," did you hire a bunch of idiots? Or Plainclothes policeman? It was a group of robbers, they saw.”
"Rob Rob Rob Rob robbers ... ...that’s Impossible, right?”
"Impossible? "Gu Hai close his eyes and breath," Let me ask you, where is the devices now? After those two ran off, where did they leave the devices?”
The people who being interrogated didn’t say anything.
Gu Hai calm, waved, "you get out of here.”
In the room falls into a moment of peace, Gu Hai both hands grasps alternately in the both sides of bridge of the nose, remembering everything that happened at the wedding yesterday, sitting on a seat waiting for hope, finally the hope failed.
Actually, thinking back, that was too naïve.
Two people who were invited arrived at the scene smoothly, and successful spoiler, as a results the consequences change?
The answer is no. the father he had always admired since childhood, will eventually have to take another woman 's…

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