Guinea Pigs Benefits

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Keeping guinea pigs as pets is fun, especially if you love watching the cute animals play and listen to the funny sounds they make. However, this fun comes with a lot of responsibility when it comes to feeding them. Fresh food and adequate clean water is a vital thing in the everyday life of your adorable pet. You should ensure it gets the proper nourishment. This is done by providing the right food and by meeting your pet's emotional and health needs. Lack of proper a diet could result to poor growth and development. It also makes your pet more susceptible to diseases.

Ideal Foods:

Fresh Grass

Fresh grass forms an essential part of your pet's diet.The grass is good because it contains nutrients needed for proper growth and development
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It provides the much needed fibre that aids in the digestive system. Hay is a good source of fibre for your pet to chew on as it helps in wearing down of its teeth that are constantly growing. Timothy hay is the best possible type of hay that can be fed to both young and also adult guinea pigs. The main advantage of hay as a guinea pig food is that you do not have to limit the amount you give to your guinea pig. Hay does not cause obesity in pets thus it is a great choice.

Vegetables and
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Vegetables are an important food because they have high nutrient content and also high moisture content that makes them readily digestible. Like humans, guinea pigs do not synthesize vitamin C therefore it has to be obtained from fruits and vegetables. Lack of vitamin C in their diet will put them at risk of suffering from scurvy. It also makes your pet more susceptible to common diseases. Sample Fruits and vegetables that you can feed to your pet include: apples, lettuce, dandelion greens, parsley, carrots and cucumbers.

High Fibre Nuggets

Be sure to choose high nutrient nuggets for your guinea pig so as to provide the proper nourishment for them. Avoid nuggets with animal based products because your pet's digestive system cannot digest that kind of protein.


Adequate drinking water is an essential part of your pet's diet. Water aids in digestion of foods especially the dry food products ingested by the animal.

Switching between different types of pet food should be done gradually. An abrupt change in diet often upsets your guinea pigs digestive system. A proper diet equates to a happy pet which means you as the owner will be happy

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