Essay on Volcano : The Eruption Of Vesuvius

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Geology paper
“There are depths of thousands of miles which are hidden from our inquiry. The only tidings we have from those unfathomable regions are by means of volcanoes, those burning mountains that seem to discharge their materials from the lowest abysses of the earth.”(Oliver Goldsmith) This quote hits it right with what volcanoes cover up from you the remains of history as we know it. Some of the most interesting things from history are covered up by the ash of volcanoes. It’s scary to me that a volcano can be just there peaceful minding its own business and then bam! the volcano randomly explodes and destroys everything in its path. One of the most recognized volcanic eruptions is from Mount Vesuvius covering Pompeii. This is where the magic begins, thus let us dive right into the madness of this volcano that seems to be the most recognized in history.
Beginning with how Mount Vesuvius became to be so violent and damaging is all really from its location with the tectonic plates. What type of volcano is the Mount Vesuvius is an interesting one it is a Stratovolcanoes. A Stratovolcanoes is a volcano where it magma is contained in chambers with gas and undergoes pressure until it can take anymore and explodes. Stratovolcanoes are the dangerous of the types of volcanoes according to the article "Volcano Facts and Types of Volcanoes." There have been lots of eruptions from Mount Vesuvius, but the most famous one is happened in A.D. of 79 according to the article “Mount…

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