Essay on Vmware : A Product Of Windows

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VMware VMware is a new and upcoming company that specializes in cloud computing. Cloud computing is a way that users can place their data, and then retrieve it from a different computer in a completely different location. Cloud computing really allows computer users to complete their work at any time at any location.
“VMware in a unique position to help define and deliver the technologies that will enable its pervasive use. There are many forms of virtualization, but VMware has largely focused on hardware virtualization. By creating a level of indirection between industry-standard hardware and operating systems, virtualization has led to innovation in hardware resource optimization, security, and application availability.” (Herrod, 2010)
VMware is one of the leaders in its field, and is making leaps and bounds over their competition. VMware really helps companies be able to have employees all over the world, and not have to pay for a physical business.
Virtual PC Virtual PC is a product of Windows, which was released in 2009. Virtual PC emulates another version of an operating system than the one that is running on a system. “Although they 're not a replacement for antivirus applications, virtual machines can really come in handy. Essentially, they 're full-fledged operating systems that run as an application inside your actual operating system while remaining safely isolated from it” (Pash, 2010). An example of a virtual PC in the world of macs is a software called…

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