Vitamin C And Its Effects Essay

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Introduction As humans are unable to produce Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) but still require it for proper body function, humans obtain Vitamin C from external sources.1 Historically, citrus fruits, which have a comparatively higher amount of Vitamin C, were eaten to achieve proper amounts of Vitamin C or prevent scurvy. During the age of long sea voyages, where fresh food was scarce, scurvy was prevalent and extremely detrimental .2 However, fruit was not always available or economically feasible. For centuries, diet was the only way to receive Vitamin C, until it was manufactured in a laboratory, in 1933 .3
Vitamin C is sensitive to a variety of factors and can easily degraded; it is considered unstable.3,4 Moreover, in the interest of using manufactured Vitamin C to supplement to diet, it was crucial to be able to determine the amount of active ingredient, or dosage, in the tablet. The primary goal of Lab G was to determine the mass of a Vitamin C tablet, through standardization and iodometry, and then compare the experimental mass to the manufacture’s label mass of 500 mg.3 The technique of a back titration was also utilized, as the iodine was in excess.3 To determine the mass of Vitamin C found in the tablet, 0.0019492 molar concentration potassium iodate (KIO3) was used as a primary standard to create a secondary standard of 0.01085 moles thiosulphate (Na2S2O3). These reactions are expressed as Equations I and II.3 KIO_3+5KI+3H_2 SO_4→3I_2+3K_2 SO_4+3H_2 O 2Na_2 S_2…

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