Visit At The Illinois Holocaust Museum And Education Center Essay

1013 Words Jun 22nd, 2016 null Page
For my outside cultural visit, I decided to visit the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center located in Skokie. It is located here in Skokie because Skokie had the highest number of Holocaust survivors. I had always wanted to visit this museum, but had never had the opportunity. This is a museum that should be on everyone’s list to visit. Although one of the issues I had with the museum is the lack of signage pointing out where it is. You had to be actively looking out for a sign just to find where it is. After my visit into the museum though, I believe I understand why they want a non-descript exterior and not anything that stands out. I observed many artifacts here. From passage tickets for Jews escaping Germany, to actual Nazi arm bands worn by soldiers, and even an actual train car that was used to move people to one of the many Nazi death camps.
Every room I entered in the museum held facts that were new to me. When you first enter, you see many traditional items. There was a Torah in one of the display cases. This is the equivalent to the Catholic’s Holy Bible. This is from where young Jewish children would pray from. Located in this room there was also traditional clothing used by Jewish children.
I was not aware that often some survivors of the Holocaust would marry each other; the wedding would often be bittersweet though because of the fact that neither bride nor groom had family to attend the ceremony. Many children grew up with no grandparents. The only…

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