Visions Of Jewish Education Essay

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Visions of Jewish Education Essay
Esti Shulman
Azrieli Graduate School

“We can expect a feeling of love for all Jews, whatever their background, whatever their status. There will be those whom we will applaud, those whom we will oppose, those who will give us pain, even make us cry. But we will try never to forget that we are one and that the inner door should never be closed. And we will keep an outer door, to the outside world, open as well. To be sure, it will have a screen. Not everything is needed or wanted. But it is, after all, God 's world and we live in it, not despite it.” (Rabinowitz, ) These beautiful words describe a broad vision for the Jewish people in the modern world, but they also can inform and inspire a vision for a single school. They can be read as an educational vision, for an education that fosters love of one’s fellow Jew and fellow man, tolerance and acceptance of differences, and the ability to navigate the outside world while remaining firmly rooted in one’s Jewish identity.
Peter Senge in his book The Fifth Discipline describes the importance of a shared vision. It provides unity, focus and purpose. Such a vision satisfies the “desire to be connected in an important undertaking” (Senge, 1997, p.192). In a school setting, a shared vision unites administrators, teachers, students and parents. It makes it easier to overcome difficulties, because “with a shared vision, we are more likely to expose our ways of thinking, give up deeply held…

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