Virtual Teams : An Organization Essay

1970 Words Aug 6th, 2016 8 Pages
Virtual teams are an organizational arrangement that have been growing in acceptance in the business community for a variety of reasons. One particular pressure on health care organizations is to provide high quality service under increasing price pressures (Sahni, Chigurupati, Kocher, & Cutler, 2015). As health care organizations cover a wide variety of functions, there are certain aspects of the business such as information technology and call centers that can also take advantage of time zone differences to provide high quality services that are needed for the organization in a more timely fashion, helping the organization to reach its goals more quickly (DeRosa, Hantula, Kock, & D’Arcy, 2004; Gupta, 2009; Pant & Lado, 2012; Weerakkody & Irani, 2010). Organizations also look to using virtual teams to reduce real estate costs and provide flexibility to employees, which is a perk that is highly valued (Ferrazzi, 2014). However, this shift from traditional on-site teams to virtual teams requires careful analysis as well as a determination as to if virtual teams can be harnessed for their full value in the health care arena, and if the leadership team has the skills needed to effectively deliver all of the promises offered by virtual teams. The purpose of this review is to discuss the impact of varying management styles on virtual teams in the health care setting.
How Do Leadership Styles Affect Virtual Teams? There is no debating the fact that when a team is centrally…

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