Virtual Police Department Case Study Final Essay

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Tisha Bate
CCJS340 / Law Enforcement Administration
Virtual Police Department Case Study
Due 8 March 2015
University of Maryland University College

This paper will consist of an overview of the Virtual Police Department, the history of that department and where it is today. I will analyse the different issues within the department and set a constructive path for the department so that it may benefit fully from all the resources that it has available.
The Virtual Police Department is a medium sized department with 155 sworn officers. The department has a long history of hiring from a “good ole boy” system. The criteria for being hired at this particular department is minimal and their turnover rate for
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Neighborhood disorder creates fear. (1982:30)
Another issue with the current hiring process is there is no hiring board or public announcements made. The police department likes to hire from within and have kept to hiring friends and family to, “keep all the undesirables off the police force.” I would announce any upcoming vacancies state wide and set up a hiring process based on qualifications. The hiring would not be concurrent with the Mayoral elections and the police department will break from the political tie it currently has. As the police department and the mayoral council run so tightly together, it is impossible for the VPD, state police, and county sheriff to communicate with each other. Communication between police departments is crucial for the VPD to survive. The process of socialization seems to be missing from the Virtual Police Department. Although they are close because of the internal hiring, it does not lend credence to learning the ropes by doing as much as by the rule-book. As the experienced officers phase out, there is not a lot left for the younger inexperienced officers to learn the valuable on-the-job lessons with. George, C., & Smith, C. (2004). With the changes to the hiring and retiring process, the budget obviously needs to be revisited.
The first thing I would do is look at the average starting salary for the police and drop it to $32,000 - $35,000 annual. Starting rookie police officers out at $45,000

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