Violets Point Of View Analysis

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Violets Point of View Year: 1864

As I’m sitting here outside of my old family home I think about what led up to this moment. What led me up to this point? What brought me to the point where I killed my best friend, my only friend.

Nate my best and only friend who has ever cared for me and the only person I have ever cared for. I think back to the moment I first met Nate. At the time we were 7 years old. We had quickly become best of friends over only a few months and even our parents thought we would marry within coming years. The year was 1844, we had been best friends for 2 years now. That was the year that everything changed for us. We were now nine years old and this was the same time Nate had found out that my father had started abusing me.

He was confused as to why my father would suddenly change and start beating me out of nowhere. I had learned not to question it, it’s just who my dad had become. My father would whip me daily for many hours at a time and the reasoning was not known. Nate only found out when he came by one day after being sick and busy for
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I glance up when I hear heavy breathing, I see Nate… covered in blood spatters.
“What happened?”
“The-the-they are all dead. My wife and my kids...dead. Just gone… their skin boiled from underneath like the blood vessels popped and formed bruises everywhere and then Isa-Isabella...she stabbed herself in the lung… I freaked out.. I pulled the knife out and threw it on the ground...Isabella-she was choking on her blood...she was I sn-snap-snapped her neck...I just broke her neck...Only then did I remember...that she was pregnant...5 months pregnant...I ran… I just ran like a coward... I ran. I just ran... I ran…”
“Nate...I think you should go lay down.”
“No, they’re gone; dead…”

Two hours

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