Violent Incidents Between Gilgamesh And The Old Testament Essay

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Violent incidents occurred in both Gilgamesh and the Old Testament and were used several times throughout the texts. Both of these books illustrate violence, and this violence is in the story for a reason. Violence in both of the books have meaning, or a point behind why the violence was happening. Even pointless violence, which happened in both books, at the end had a point or a lesson to be learned from the violence. Also, in both Gilgamesh and the Old Testament the violence can be justified at times for good and for bad reasons. Some of these violent actions can be connected to more modern day violent actions in our country. Recently, in the United States there has been a lot of violence; some of which has been justified and other violence that has not. Sometimes our legal system and our laws incite violence and controversy. Going back to both the Gilgamesh and the Old Testament some of the violent actions have meaning behind them and try to prove a point. Those points and meanings are used today in our modern society to see what is justified and what is not justified. The Old Testament more than Gilgamesh has a bigger impact on modern society because of the many different Christian religions that use the bible and the Old testament in their practices. Gilgamesh and the Old Testament relate directly and indirectly to the violence in our current society. Violence is justified in the Old Testament with the Hebrews, sometimes it is in the Gilgamesh book, and is justified…

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