Violence, Broken Home, And General Strain Theory Essay

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On the night of September 23 on the campus of North Carolina Central University went into lockdown. At the time I was in my dorm room with my roommate Jada wondering what was going on. It wouldn’t be until morning that we find out that someone who had a gun on our campus was killed by an NCCU officer. The man, Tracy Bost was reported to be near the campus had a gun and pointed it at university officers which eventually resulted in his death. Many factors could have led Tracy Bost to make the decisions he made on that night a few of which I believe were neglect, broken home, and general strain theory.
By the time Tracy Bost was three years old he was already dealing with the system. According to (McDonald, 2013) he was three when police took him away from his drug addicted mother. That where the neglect started in Tracey Bosts life by his biological parents. A child is being neglected when they are being deprived of his or her needs. These needs include food, shelter, care and nurturance. Neglect by parents can sometime lead to the child being taken away by social services and put into foster care. In Tracy’s case this is exactly what happened to him.
The next factor which I think may have contributed to Tracy Bost committing crimes is the broken home theory. Broken home is when a family structure is upset by separation, divorce or death of a parent. When Tracy was taken from his mother he was being separated but also when he was sent to the foster home and lived with the…

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