Violence Against Women Essay

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Violence Against Women – Law and Changes Required In Australia law may be changed due to various needs and to support community as required. The law may be changed through the federal and State legislatures enacting legislation. Laws may change for various reasons such as; Changing Values in society, Advances in technology, Protection of the community, Protection of rights or Access to the law. This legislation might reflect new social values or developments in society, for example, the emergence of Internet technologies has required a new set of laws dealing with the issues of the Internet. New or changed legislation can also reflect political decisions and can be influenced by bodies such as lobby groups or …show more content…
It should be geared towards assisting victims and making sure that they are protected in the future. It should criminalize violence against women, strive to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice. Putting an end to VAW is not the responsibility of one person, actor or group as final eradication will require a collective response, in which everyone has a role to play. Actions therefore need to involve all stakeholders, men and women, developing and developed countries, representatives from government, parliaments, the judiciary, law enforcement agents, civil society, the private sector and international organizations. There is no single solution or means of putting an end to violence against women, which is the goal to be pursued. However, there are various measures that reflect the diversity of national situations and experiences. The six priorities listed hereafter do not constitute an exhaustive list of practices recommended for parliaments. They were, however, identified as the principal elements and strategies likely to push back violence against women at an international conference entitled A Parliamentary Response to Violence against Women, held in Geneva in December 2008 under the auspices of the IPU. Priority 1: Adopt laws that work: To address VAW, parliamentarians must begin by building a legal framework. This is a basic foundation for which they have responsibility. Priority 2: Make sure laws are

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