Violence Against Women In America

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Women in the United States have been struggling for equality since America won its freedom from England. Certainly, there have been advances; from the 1st to the 3rd wave, women have certainly come a long way. Tremendous gains have been made in the political arena, the workplace and the economy. However, women are disrespected, unappreciated and are still the victims of too much gender violence. Since this seems to be a prevailing theme with women, my discourse will be centered on gender violence in America. Violence against women continues to be a big problem, especially for women of color. (Shaw and lee, 565) Most people are aware of domestic violence among women, but pervasive violence, seems to run rampant in Non white communities. …show more content…
Stalking is a huge problem in America. As a matter of fact 6.6 million people are stalked yearly in the United States. (Shaw and Lee, 546) Similarly, 1in 6 women have been staked sometime in their life, and 66% of them are stalked by somebody they have been intimate with. (Shaw and Lee.546) There are numerous statistics associated with the crime of stalking, but they are not needed to emphasize how insidious a crime stalking really is. Imagine receiving phone calls in the middle of the night. What happens when they become threatening? What happens when you can’t get the police to believe you are being stalked? Equally important, “54% of femicide victims reported stalking to police before they were killed.” (Shaw and Lee, 547) According to the Huffington Post, “Sherry Meinberg was named by the FBI as the longest stalked person in history.” Surely, this had to be a horrifying experience for this lady. In addition, she was married to this stalker, and was abused by him throughout her marriage. The abuse did not stop until the abuser was jailed for raping another woman. (Huffington post) Once he was released from prison, dude returned to his stalking ways. As is often the case, police did not take Ms. Meinberg’s complaints seriously. Adding insult to injury, there were no anti stalking laws in 1984, so she basically had to put up with the madman’s insanity. Fortunately, the lunatic did not kill her, and after enduring his madness for decades, she was able to get her life together and become a counselor to women who have been stalked. (Huffington

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