Vietnam 's Legal System Of The Soviet Union Essay

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As we have learned throughout the years, the legal systems of any country tend to vary from country to country due to the changes that have occurred throughout history. Vietnam is a socialist country ran under the communist party. Its legal system has been influenced by four different periods: the Feudal legal system, French colonist, Soviet Union legal traditions, and the legal system in period of integration and globalization. At the moment, Vietnam’s legal system is based on the ideologies of the former Soviet Union, which was formed under the leadership of a communist party and a democratic centralism principle.
The Communist Party of Vietnam is leading the people in implementing the country 's renovation, modernization and industrialization. China had an imprint on the administration, law, education, literature, language and heroines and national symbols of Vietnamese women. Vietnam also runs under the influence of Confucianism, which many discussed to be the “rule of morality” rather than the “rule of law”. The Chinese Imperial Code also infused Vietnam’s legal system with a strong criminal orientation. Although Vietnam had been running on Confucianism, it did not go well with the legal system presented by the French during the colonial period so they tried to force upon a new legal system that mainly consisted of a civil law system. I n 1954, right after Vietnam declared independence from the French, North Vietnam adopted the soviet-style legal system…

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