Vietnam War Of Vietnam And Vietnam Essay examples

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Vietnamese are divided psychologically by a history of war. After the Vietnam War, the country crippled under the leadership of the Communist party, the dominant and only political party in the country. The Communist party spreaded its control over every aspect of the country’s citizens and, at the same time, created a pseudo democratic system. The main cause of such corruption is the connection between the Communist Parties of Vietnam and China. While there exists a psychological border between China and Vietnam that has been around for over 2000 years, the Vietnamese government both openly and closely cooperate with China. The North Vietnamese receives aid from Chinese Communist during the Vietnam War. After the war end, Vietnamese government turns the country into China’s backyard. While the Chinese government and companies are notorious for destroying the environment and has been banned from numerous countries around the globe, the Vietnamese government, led by the Communist Party of Vietnam, welcomes them as “brothers.” (Lê) While it might appears that Vietnam benefits economically from the correlation, only the Vietnamese elites do. Moreover, China’s military practice on the “South China Sea” damage its relationship with Vietnam. To make matter worse, any attempt by Vietnamese to introduce change or expose the corruption are brutally dismantled. It seems that the system is not serving in the public interest but rather in China’s and the Vietnamese elites’ interest. The…

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