Vietnam During The Vietnam War Essay

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Vietnam war was started 12 years just after WW2 had ended. Vietnam war had started because of the struggle between the republic of Vietnam. You had 2 parts of vietnam who couldn 't get along and agree so they made a Line along the 17th Parallel call The Demilitarized Zone. It had separated North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The north was always meaner and the bad country while South vietnam was the nicer and gooder country. The Capital of North Vietnam was Hanoi. The capital of South Vietnam was Saigon ( now today known as Ho Chi Minh City ).North Vietnam had received economic help and assistance from Soviet Union and People 's Republic of China. While South Vietnam received help and aid from Korea, Australia, USA , and Thailand. Now with all that said i am about to tell you 6 factors and important events of vietnam war.
So during the “The Diem Era” most of the people of vietnam during Diem era was Buddhist.At the time there wasnt many other major religions in vietnam at the time besides Buddhistsm. So in summer of 1955 Diem Launched his “Denounce the Communist” campaign . Communist were arrested and sent to jail. Well the ones who were protesting and stuff. During the arrest you had some that was tortured and even killed. In the year 1956 Diem had instituted the death penalties against any communist in South Vietnam. About 12,00 suspects of diem was killed from 1955-1957. In 1957 Diem took a 10-day state visit to the U.S.A. When Diem arrived to U.S.A. President…

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