Vietnam And The Vietnam War Essay

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Vietnam’s history is rife with foreign aggressors attempting to control the country through military engagement. In the twentieth century this trend continued with two separate, but similar conflicts. First, the colonial French fought Viet Minh forces in an effort to maintain control over their Indochinese colonies. Lastly, the United States would get involved in Vietnam in an attempt to prop up the southern Republic of Vietnam against the communist Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The following will be a brief summary that compares and contrasts the French and American conflicts in Vietnam by looking at motives for the wars, how the territorial boundaries of the war were defined, differences in understanding of why the Vietnamese wanted independence, and if the French and Americans acted as independent actors or simply responding to the actions of the Vietnamese. France’s motives in being embroiled in the war in Vietnam is fairly simple to understand. Vietnam and the rest of what was called Indochina had been a French colony that supplied much needed natural resources to European industry. This is contrasted sharply with the American motives for getting involved in Vietnam. The 1950s and 60s(which made up the majority of the time America was involved in Vietnam) were years that had the backdrop of the Cold War and this would color most of American foreign policy. America wished to “contain” the spread of communism, and they thought that getting involved in a…

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