Video Games Playing Games On Your Mind Essay

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Johnnie Brown
Video Games Playing games on your mind..? Part 1: Many parents don’t like that there kid plays video games. Have you ever wondered why they don’t like them? I have always wondered why my parents never liked me playing them. What is it about video game that make parents hate it so much?
Research Question: Why are video games bad for young children?
Knowledge on the topic: I know a lot about video games. There are a lot of games out there that I love to play such as Madden, NBA 2k etc. There are a lot of games that I couldn’t play when I was a younger age such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty were the big ones. I didn’t really understand why I couldn’t play them when I was younger. Today I see why my parents didn’t let me play them games. The things they say/do in the GTA is just crazy and no younger kid should hear or watch that. Call of duty has too much blood and gore in it. Some kids act off what they see from the games and I’m glad I never got to play them games until I was older. I chose the topic because I like video games and always wonder if they really were that bad for children. I think they are let’s see what others think.
Who, What, and Why? I started looking at blogs and searching what the effects are of kids that played violet video games at a younger age. I started to look at it effect their childhood development. I wonder if it effected there development how it would affect them when there were older.
Part Two:
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