Video Games And Other Interactions With Technology Essays

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Video games and other interactions with technology can have both beneficial and detrimental effects on the lives of their users. The question now is, are video games really as bad as some our society some claim, or do they have good benefits for society. To these questions my answer is yes and yes.
As mentioned above some video games have many beneficial health benefits. As such, we can, and in some cases should use them. The ways in which games can relieve symptoms from accidents, assist in therapy, etc. should be utilized. Just as alcohol and many drugs are useful in our health, so as a society we should utilize video games.
In addition using video games for pleasure is fine for society as well – in controlled amounts. They are a way in which we can relieve ourselves from the stress of this busy world. Besides all the therapeutic and health benefits they provide, they also allow us as mankind to realize more fully realize what we were created to be. By creating a virtual world of challenge they allow us to fully express some of what it means to be created in the image of God. Many games will give us a world to create and maintain, virtual people or animals to care for. They give us a means to be creative in somewhat of an unlimited sense. Through the constantly improving graphic we are now able to be more artistic and original in more of a sense than ever before. As Patricia Greenfield points out in her book Mind and Media, video games allow and stimulate the…

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