Video Games And Its Effects On The Classroom Essay

788 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
As technology changes each generation, so does our interest. The most notable one being a kid’s obsession with video games, spending hours glued to the monitor. Instead of fighting it, educators around the nation are accepting and adopting the video game interest to their classrooms. Many may argue that videogames are a distraction and are too violent, however, if implemented in school systems the games used will be safe and focused around the core subject. Otherwise, “there are teachers out there that are interested in leveraging game for learning, they 're not alone.” as the director of the academic and digital learning Lucas Gillispie says, It makes it logical to implement video games to the class lesson as it provides a fun and effective way for students to learn with. One of the most popular game amongst young children, Minecraft, have already been implemented in many school systems nationwide. Minecraft is a digital lego like, sandbox game, meaning that the player has complete freedom within that game world. Players manipulate the world around them through, as the game name says, mining and crafting. The game itself has an overwhelming amount of items mirror the real world with, giving Minecraft a high educational value to the point that it has it’s own educational variety, MinecraftEdu. According to the T H E Journal’s “4 Innovative Ways To Teach With Video Games”, their use of Minecraft was intentionally used as an after school program for at-risk students. After…

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