Essay on Video Games And Its Effects On The Classroom

1505 Words Dec 14th, 2016 7 Pages
The year is 2016, soldiers are practicing on techniques to allow them to advance in the field. All day they prepare for anything and everything that they could come across in the line of action. They are able to practice these scenarios without getting hurt, or risking any sort of damage to them. How is this possible? Simulations. With the new technological advances spring up, simulations has probably been the most important. Simulations are a sort of video game that allows a person to experience something without it being real. With the amount simulations have been able to protect and teach soldiers it brings up another question. Could they be used in the everyday classroom? Video games seem to have had a long history of being seen as a negative thing. With this wide spread of negative media, it seems to be out of the question to use them in classrooms as a teaching tool. This is the wrong way to look at them however. Video games may be one of the best tools for classrooms. Video games is an excellent tool to use in schools, for it is able to accommodate for all ages of students, and improves education drastically. Video games are school’s key for the best education possible.

Majority of schools is starting up programs and putting money into giving students access to different technology. With this new technology being introduced students, their ability to learn has improved, because of more access to information. Student 's motivation and learning capability are also…

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