Video Games And Its Effects On The Life Of Life Essay

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Imagine a small boy, probably six or seven years old, who was relishing his life, playing with his friends, playing video games, playing with toys. You undoubtedly understand it by now, a lot of playing! But one day was a lot different from all others, it was a gloomy, autumn day, where the life of trees was draining away as their leaves fell on to the dead grass. That day, his dad excitedly said “Son, we will be going somewhere special this afternoon,” as the boy was dropped off at school. As you can expect, this little boy was excited to the moon and over. “Maybe a park, or maybe ToyRUs, … or even Canada’s Wonderland!” he endlessly thought to himself as he was attempting to figure out where he could be going that afternoon. However, after school, he finally learned the unanticipated place they were going to. At that instant, his mood collapsed back from the moon and sunk to the base of the sea, as he understood that he was going to be tossed into a “big blue monster that would eat him alive”, as per his seven-year-old words would say, the swimming pool. This little boy was me. In my life, I experienced many hurdles and challenges I had to overcome to be the person I am today. My first such momentous obstacle occurred when I was just six or seven years-old, as I had to vanquish the “great big blue monster” as I struggled to learn how to swim.

That day, I eagerly flew into the car as my dad arrived at school, only to see one unfortunate item. There were swimming shorts on…

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