Video Game Consoles Essay

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The History Of Video Game Consoles Video game consoles have been around for a long time, and they have influenced how technology is for us today. Some of the earliest consoles, the Brown Box and even the Atari, have a big impact on how are video game consoles are designed for us. The Brown Box and some of the earliest consoles, have paved the way video game consoles are today and for the future. The Brown Box was released in 1970 (TIME,1) and it was one of the earliest video game consoles to date. Designed for generic televisions ( TIME,1),the Brown Box was extraordinary for its time. the brown box came with thirteen games (TIME,1) which one of them was Ping Pong. But Unfortunately the Brown Box was sold to the U.S. in 1972 and changed to …show more content…
Nintendo’s President Hiroshi Yamauchi was hesitant about releasing the console due to the great video game crash in 1883, But Hiroshi released it anyway and it was the game console that revived the video game industry. The console had many blockbuster games within its life span such as Super Mario Bros, Contra, Final Fantasy, and Metroid (TIME,1).The console was the top selling console of the third generation.
The Gameboy, One of the first handheld consoles in the world, was released in 1989 (TIME,1), and it was made by Nintendo too. The president didn’t come up with the idea of the Gameboy, but a custodian came up with the design of the Gameboy. This handheld device has a beautiful 8-bit Core Processing Unit (CPU) and a smooth black and white liquid crystal display (LCD) which made it equivalent in speed to the Nintendo Entertainment System (TIME,1).
The Sega Genesis was saga 's first shot at gaming. It was the first 16-bit console in the world which made it popular for its time (TIME,1). Its unbelievable graphics caught the hearts of many gamers. With its low price of $189.00 the Genesis sold a lot of units (The History Of Video Game
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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was Nintendo’s second console. It was a 16-bit console also, which meant it had some competitors. The console sold a total of 25.35 million units in North America alone and a total of 17.17 million units in Japan.
The Playstation was released in 1995 and started the mark of the fifth generation consoles. The console was outstanding because it was the first console to play 32-bit games (TIME,1). its stunning visuals made it the most popular console of the fifth generation (TIME,1). Its CD-ROM technology made it less popular than the other 32-bit consoles, but on the downside, it held more more memory than a regular game cartridge, but it loaded a lot slower than those who used cartridges.
The Nintendo 64, another 32-bit console to compete with the playstation, was released in 1996 (TIME,1). The Nintendo 64 was the last Nintendo game system to run on cartridges (The History Of Videogames,1). The cartridges were far more expensive than the CD-ROMS but ran faster than the

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