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In recent years, advanced digital capturing technology has made digital data grow rapidly. Knowledge discovery from massive amounts of multimedia data, so-called multimedia mining, has been the focus of attention over the past few years. Typically, a video can be viewed as a series of images, which contains a lot of various concepts. Even though the annotation for the individual image frame is in effect, any concept in the image frames still cannot represent the complete video.
The aim of the paper is
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The user enters his query clip broken into individual frames.
An indexing technique[7][8] is used to store the key frames of all the videos in the database. The frames are then searched to provide the most optimum match of the query clip found in the database. The search is re-ranked when there is more than one video that best matches the query clip in content.
The proposed method contains of two major functions 1) Indexing of videos 2) Searching of videos. The content of the research paper are the review of previous work in this field in section 2. In section 3, we explain our proposed method for video data mining. Finally, conclusions and future work are elaborated in section 4.
The previous work for video data mining can be categorized into the following based on the extracted visual features, such as color, shape and texture.
1. Key – Frame – Based Retrieval[6]:
Videos are searched by sequential comparisons between the key-frames of the query video and that of the videos in the multimedia repository. Clearly, the computation cost is so high that the users cannot put up with the long response time. Besides computation cost, what seem to be lacking in this paradigm are the considerations for the temporal, sequence and duration of shots in a video.
2. Graph – based – retrieval[1][3]:
On the basis of the temporal continuity of shots, researchers adopted

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