Victorian Era Headdress Essay

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There was a wide variety on headdresses and hairstyles in the Victorian period. Women of the Victorian period enjoyed gardening. These women needed a headdress that would cover their face while in the garden, so they wore bonnets. Keeping sun out of their face was not the only use for bonnets. The Victorian time period was a time of lavish parties. With their parties had to come lavish headdresses and hairstyles. The hairstyles changed rapidly throughout the Victorian period. The styles of hair would change from decade to decade. Most woman sported long hair during this era. Many varieties of hairstyles and headdresses existed during the Victorian Period.
The Bonnet was a very popular headdress in the Victorian time period. They were made out
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The sunbonnet had a large brim to be able to cover the face from the sun (Victorian Hairstyles and Headdresses). Sometimes, the brim had ruffles on it. The ruffles gave the bonnet some more decoration. All bonnets had a brim, but they were not a large as the brim on a sunbonnet. The trimmings such as lace, ruffles, or flowers were removable and re-attachable so the woman could be changed out to match the bonnet with any dress. Ribbons hung down and went under the chin, but were not tied. A pin under the chin held the ribbons together. Even though they looked so different, all the styles were …show more content…
The woman loved to get dressed up, and their headdresses show that. The headdresses were made of many materials (Victorian Hats). These headdresses incorporated lace on them. The lace made these headdresses look more elegant and feminine. Many also had vivid flowers. The women would go into their garden and pick the brightest flowers they had and attach them to their headdresses for a night out (Victorian Hairstyles and Headdresses). Also, these headdresses had silk ribbon then them. The ribbon gave the headdresses a bit more decoration. Not every evening headdress had all of the materials on them. Some of the headdresses may have had just one or two. Although, some headdresses in the Victorian time period did incorporate all the material mentioned. Also, some woman just wore hair jewelry. The hair jewelry had many different jewels on them (Tortora, 2010). This gave a fancy look to the woman wearing the hair jewelry. All these different material all amount to evening headdresses in the Victorian time

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