Summary: Similarities Between Frankenstein And The Creature

n the novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein, the scientist, and the Creature, appear to completely contradict each other. Victor, a successful scientist, creates the Creature after years of research and suffers through the deaths of many family members. The Creature spent most of his live in solitude, learning to read, write. He also committed all the murders of Victor’s family and friends. Although their lives took very different routes, throughout the course of the novel Frankenstein and the Creature become increasingly similar. While Victor and the Creature may seem like polar opposites at first, the similarities become evident as the story evolves. Abandoned since birth, both Victor and the Creature suffered from the effects. Victor’s mother passed shortly after she gave birth while Victor abandoned the Creature immediately after creating him. When Victor attends the University, his desire to learn is clearly expressed. He decided to become a scientist after attending a chemistry lecture. His own curiosity led him to creating the Creature. The Creature’s own intuition also led to …show more content…
When the Creature came to life, Victor, horrified by his creation, fled his own home and deserted the Creature. On his own, the Creature constantly seeked revenge on his creator, and he proved them by murdering William, Elizabeth, Henry, and framing Justine. When Victor and the Creature met in the cave, they almost acted as friends. Victor even felt bad for the Creature and attempted to create a wife for him. But when he destroyed his second creation, the Creature vowed he would be with Victor on his wedding day. Victor swore he would hunt down the Creature after the death of his father. He did not succeed, and passed away about Ralph Patton’s ship. The Creature felt ashamed of himself and in his despair about the death of his creator, vowed to die in the Arctic

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