Essay on Venture Feasibility Of Little Champs Centre

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Venture Feasibility of Little Champs Centre
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Institutional Affiliation Venture Feasibility of Little Champs Centre
Primary Data Collection In every business venture, information regarding the real issues on the ground is very fundamental. Businesses are built on the information they acquire. In Nova Scotia, Child Care Centres are operated both on profit and non-profit making bases. Little Champs Centre is meant to operate as a business entity whose though main function and goal is to ease tied-up parents with the obligation of caring for their children, it will a fee for that service offered to such parents. Basically, the centre is business oriented and for this course it requires to take into consideration all the aspects that come with starting a business in Nova Scotia. In our context, we needed to collect sufficient information that would help us make key decisions on the way forward regarding the Little Champs Centre. To do this we came up with a number of ways to collect key first hand information, which in our opinion, perceived it as necessary in our goal of starting Childcare centre. One of the key means we used was to observe our key customer targets. With the fact that we live within the same hood with our target clients, we were able to observe that most parents have a problem with caring for their children when they are reporting to the jobs. We observed, that these parents have to keep on hiring part-time home based childcare providers and…

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