Veejay Plastic Case Study

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Veejay Plastic is a plastic injection molding company specializing in creating high quality, application specific plastic products and components for various industrial segments. At Veejay Plastic, we use a variety of industrial grade plastics including FDA approved, military grade, and lightweight plastics for aerospace and satellite applications. Our knowledge of plastic materials and advanced injection molding techniques allow us to take up any complex injection molding project. Types of Injection Moldable Plastic Materials that We Work With
Some of the popular types of injection molding plastic materials we work with include the following.
• PEEK (Polyether ether Ketone): This is a transparent thermoplastic polymer used mainly in engineering
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These resins are used in various chemical instrumentation and medical devices due to their high solvent, heat, and flame resistance properties. These resins have a temperature limit of 340 °F.
• Liquid Crystal Polymers: Abbreviated as LCP, these polymers exhibit high tensile strength, and have high heat and chemical resistance. These polymers form areas of ordered structures in liquid phase, but the degree of order weakens in solid form. We work with the following types of injection moldable LCPs. o ZENITE: This liquid crystal polymer has got 45% glass fiber filler, and is used for injection molding intricate industrial parts. This plastic is used for making housings, electronic packaging, microwave oven parts, semiconductor equipment components, etc. o VECTRA: This is a liquid crystal polymer, which exhibits high flame retardant properties as well as excellent mechanical properties. It has good dimensional stability, chemical resistance, high heat resistance, and low
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Thermoplastic polyesters change their shape when exposed to heat. Some of the general properties include high tenacity, low water absorption, and minimal shrinking when compared to other types of industrial fibers.
• Polyurethane: This is a highly resilient plastic polymer, which exhibits excellent tear and chemical resistance. Polyurethane is abbreviated as PU, and is available in a wide range of densities, and hardness levels. Some of the common applications of this polymer are bushings, gaskets, seals, and electronic parts.
• Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE): This is one of the widely used and inexpensive thermoplastic with excellent lubricity. This plastic is soft, easy to fabricate, and is not recommended for applications above 150 oF. This polymer is lightweight, and possesses high chemical resistance, electrical insulation properties, and toughness.
• Polypropylene: This is a semi-crystalline polymer, which can be structurally altered to meet process requirements across a wide range of temperatures. Polypropylene has high chemical resistance and low-temperature characteristics. It shows good dimensional stability under humid conditions. We can injection mold the following types of polypropylene

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