Vanity Fair Corporations First Started Out Essay

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Vanity Fair Corporations first started out as the Reading Glove and Mitten Company in
Pennsylvania back in 1899. In the year 1914, the company had expanded into lingerie and finally in 1917 the company had officially changed its name to Vanity Fair. For the most part, the company had specialized in the production and selling of jeans. However, they widened their horizon and became affiliated with over 30 brands. The company now sells jeanswear, contemporary brands, outdoor and action sports, sportswear, and imagewear. These items are called coalitions which are essentially the categories they offer. Vanity Fair is a very successful corporation; however, they still have their flaws.

The company, for many years has been seen as just a “jeans” company. However, they would also switch up their product lines and sell various items along with jeans. Vanity Fair along with many other companies had begun to outsource their product manufacturing versus using manufacturing plants to create their products. They would use various suppliers to outsource their products. This would ultimately cause a problem for a company like Vanity Fair seeing as they would not be able to establish a good supplier relationship management.

Since Vanity Fair has gotten rid of their manufacturing plants and they began to outsource more than they usually did. When outsourcing, there were two ways that Vanity Fair would do so with their suppliers. They would either have “cut and make” contracts or they…

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