Values of Early Childhood Education Essay example

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Values of Early Childhood Education in the Public Schools System: It all begins long before first grade

Presented by: Ashley Austin
April 14, 2009
EDFL 568
Jackson State University

Research Proposal The purpose of my proposed study is to analyze the values of early childhood education in the public schools system. There are several things that I hope to accomplish by conducting this research. This research will further illustrate how a sound foundation on certain skills enhances the readiness for those students entering kindergarten. This research will also provide possible solutions for kindergarten retention rates in the public schools system. I plan to investigate the
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Social and emotional development in children of five years old is imperative in determining the readiness of a student for kindergarten. A student that is five years old, and ready for kindergarten should be able to do a certain check-list of activities including:
· Dresses self without help
· Tie shoelaces
· Balances on each foot
· Heel to toe walk
· Can count on fingers
· Knows own address and phone number
· Recognizes colors and common shapes
· Copies simple shapes (e.g. triangle or square)
· Able to print a few letters and numbers
· Draw a person with a head, body, arms, and legs
· Speaks in phrases that are understood by others
· Plays make believe and dress up
· Plays and shares with others
· Understands opposites
· Recalls parts of stories These are just some of the social and emotional aspects that should be nationally accepted to the guidelines for kindergarten readiness (Amos). These tasks should be evaluated by a pre-school teacher or by a highly qualified expert. A student’s developmental skills are also very important in evaluating a child’s readiness for kindergarten. They need to be able to complete several different tasks to function

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