Values, Family, And Love Essay examples

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Values: Before looking at the list of values to choose from to describe us the best, I tried to implement each one of them in my life to feel a sense of balance. The three prioritized values for me would be success, family, and love. Society would view me as arrogant or money hungry for choosing success over my family or one true love. I would say yes I am money hungry and arrogant sometimes, but success to me is viewed as being able to take care of my family financially and being able to give my love everything she wants and desires. I know success won’t be easy to achieve and will take many nights of no sleep, days of being so focus you forget to eat because your so engaged, and the main factor hard work. You could say to achieve success it could cut your life expectancy in half and I would still strive to achieve it. Why you ask?
My family means everything to me but in this world the only thing that talks is money. Growing up my family was considered high middle class because my dad was the executive sales rep for the Florida region for GE and my mom worked at and managed a prestigious rehab facility in Miami. Total net income for both would equal 200,000 dollars plus. Due to the congestion of Miami our current home we decided to move two hours away to port saint Lucie, FL. Forcing my mom to leave her job and my dad was willing to commute 4 hours a day there and back to give my family our first ever house. Crazy right who would drive four hours a day? Answer is my dad…

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