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Leadership Clinical Journal
Mykenzie Stegeman
Century College

Introduction The author of this paper participated in two, eight-hour nursing leadership clinical rotations at Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul, MN. In this paper, the author will analyze leadership concepts related to the clinical experience and how she can strive to become the best professional nurse leader she can be.
Values and beliefs of the author include, organization, timeliness, accuracy, good work ethic, teamwork, assertiveness, advocacy, educator, quality work, compassion and honesty. While the author was observing a registered nurse at Bethesda hospital, the clinical leadership style observed was similar to the author’s style however; the
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A specific area where the author witnessed a lack of assertiveness was when the nurse verbalized she felt a medication she was giving to a patient may have not been the best idea. The nurse verbalized multiple times to the author that she felt as if the medication was not appropriate to give to the patient however, the nurse only brought the concern to the charge nurse after she had given the medication. This may have been because the nurse wanted to appear compliant and didn’t want to cause a commotion to an already busy work environment. After witnessing this situation the author of this paper brought this event to her clinical group during debriefing where the author really analyzed her personal feelings about lacking key aspects of leadership, assertiveness and advocacy. The author of this paper will never forget this moment when the nurse didn’t speak up for her patient and instead just did what she was told. This will always stick with the author and remind her that it is important to go with your gut feeling and if you feel as if something is incorrect and could potentially cause your patient harm it is important to be assertive and advocate for your patient even if it may cause more commotion within an already busy nursing …show more content…
These qualities are important as a nurse leader so that the nurse is able to be positively perceived as a leader and to ensure an effective team.
Continued growth and development plan. The author recognizes she is not perfect at all of the identified leadership attributes so she will plan to strive to become the best leader she can by attending leadership conferences, learning from her preceptors, joining quality improvement teams and staying up to date on the latest trends and strategies on how to improve leadership

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