Valery As Dictator By Leroi Jones Essay

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The poem Valery as Dictator, written by LeRoi Jones, is about segregation and the hardships of the African-American society waiting for their equality in America. It’s upsetting to LeRoi how often the African Americans needs are pushed aside constantly. He questions why are we waiting. At the time this poem was written America was under the “separate but equal” doctrine that allowed states to enforce segregation while giving the whites and blacks “equal opportunity” when in reality the African American society was not one with the whites. The poem is also geared towards a French philosopher to take the place as Dictator of America, although America is a democracy and not a dictatorship.

Valery as Dictator starts off with the word sad then period. Which this sadness is reoccurring since the fragmented sentence is followed by “Again it comes tomorrow”. He knows this sadness will come again tomorrow because he 's been sad every day and it is a never ending cycle. Then, “Again, grey”, a color representing the mixture of white and black. Similar to the value reference in Ezra Pound’s In a Station of a Metro. In that poem, value is represented in the tones of color. The darker the color, the more value it has. In contrast, the lighter the color, the less value it has. The ghost-like faces, in In a Station of a Metro, is the lighter tone and the depressed metro station, a.k.a the black branch, is the darker tone. In LeRoi’s case, black and white are equal. He then differentiates…

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