Vaccines Are Beneficial, Safe And Effective Essay

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Indeed, many people assume that vaccines may cause autism and other disorders while vaccines can fight of the infections in the best possible way. As a matter of fact, there is no link between vaccines and autism. There is a strong evidence between MMR and autism which states that autism won’t occur at all after a vaccine shot. Several researchers have failed to find the relationship between MMR and autism. The evidence which they found is that the vaccine or thimerosal aren’t the substances that would cause autism. Instead, the result is that autism can occur before the time frame of children getting vaccines around 12-15 months old. If the childre and the adults get the vaccines at the appropriate time frame then the result will freecof autism and side effects. I believe that vaccines are beneficial, safe and effective. I choose to support for immunization because it can save millions of lives. While I 'm doing research on vaccines, I become aware of the benefits of vaccines and I always ask myself about when to vaccinate before traveling overseas.I have few friends who have majored in subjects that are replayed to medicine. I asked them “Are Vaccines beneficial? And why”. The majority of my friends are in agreement that the vaccines are beneficial. One of my friends named Ayesha who majored in biology quoted “it 's such an important issue and people really need to learn about it. Vaccines are such an important, life-saving measure. They allow us to arm the body against…

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