Vaccinations Should Be Required

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Would you be comfortable sending your child to a school or daycare where vaccinations are not required? Although parents have stated that vaccinations are dangerous and could give their children the disease its preventing, we need to make sure that the parents are actually educated on vaccines, giving them the proper knowledge so they know that it is safe for their children to get vaccinated, to know it helps their immune systems, it prevents disease, and it protects others. Not getting these vaccinations could cause more bad then good. Many students do not receive vaccinations solely because of parental consent. A large number of parents are fearful of allowing their kids to get vaccinations due to many interpretations that vaccinations could harm them. Susan Cheung et al., specializes in the area of disease and immunizations, performed a study in 2015, on parents’ opinions and knowledge about vaccinations. They sent home surveys to the parents of elementary school kids to see what their response would be. The results showed that many parents did not know much about vaccinations; other parents said that they did not want their children to receive them because they do not want them to get sick (Cheung 256). Chueng’s study shows that …show more content…
Some parents believe that if their children receive vaccinations, they will get sick. This may be true. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention points out, at times when the vaccination is first injected, the body has to fight it with antibodies and you may show symptoms of the disease. However, your body is becoming familiar with this disease so if you ever come into contact with it again, your body will be prepared to fight it (Centers). Although you may show symptoms and become a little ill when you get the vaccination, in the long run it will protect you from getting extremely

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