Essay on Vaccinations And Its Effects On Children

1103 Words Apr 26th, 2015 5 Pages
Many wonder if vaccinations are really necessary or if they are even safe. Vaccinations are what allow people the American Dream because it saves lives which enables an individual to achieve happiness. While vaccinations help prevent diseases in America, some believe the potential harmful effects carry too high a risk. Limiting vaccinations would cause an outbreak in diseases because vaccines prevent the disease from forming. Vaccinations have lowered the risk of getting a disease, but the disease is still there and if vaccinations were stopped, it would have immediate effects. For example, “Great Britain, Sweden, And Japan-cut back the use of pertussis vaccine…The effect was dramatic and immediate” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Other countries have diseases too that can be brought back to the U.S., so diseases are always around us no matter where we are. There are even unknown diseases that we do not know of in other countries. Wherever a disease comes from; they are never beneficial in any way. Several diseases have negative long term permanent effects or even cause death. For example, the rubella disease. “…Will develop congenital rubella syndrome (CRS), resulting in heart defects, cataracts, mental disability, and deafness” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The diphtheria disease is rarely heard of now because of vaccinations even though it used to kill around 10,000 people year. If vaccinations were ridded of, the disease could easily come…

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