Using Visual And Acoustic Codes Essay

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The brain is a complex organ made up of many intricate systems that work together simaltaneously to optimize a person’s survival and success in the world. Each system is intelligent and works by using a series of procedures to complete tasks that range from difficult to elementary. Memory is one of the most important structures humans rely on. The Pixar film, Inside Out helps depict the science behind memory and show just how monumentally imperitive it is. Inside Out demonstrates how the three different processes of memory: encoding, storage, and retrieval are vitialy critical to all living things.
The first step, encoding is the rendering information into a way in which it can be used. This means that encoding is a way of processing information. Each individual has a different way of understanding material. There are three main types of encoding. We can encode by using visual and acoustic codes, or we can use a semantic code (Rathus, 2010). In the movie, main character Riley, primarily uses visual encoding. The emotions in headquarters form mental photos in her head. This allows information to be sequenced by using pictures. Similarly to using pictures, you can sequence by using sounds. You can remember a phrase by the audio you hear. The third type is encoding by using semantic code. Semantic codes are creative. Remembering the colors of the rainbow by using the name Roy G. Biv is an example of a semantic code. A code in which you allow yourself to memorize items in an…

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