Using Univariate Measures For Descriptive Statistics Essay

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Data Analysis Procedure Since all of the survey questions for each element will be numbered, added, and averaged these will be interval/ratio levels of measurement. The results will represent something specific to the element that is being studied, which influences corporate culture success. This research proposal will be using univariate measures for descriptive statistics. The central tendency will be found in the mean recorded for employee training impact, dress code impact, ethics impact after survey results come in for both times the surveys are taken. Corporate success’s central tendency will be measured by each month’s profits for that one year by averaging it, which results in the mean as well. These means will be used to see the skew of the data if there is one, and if it is skewed then the median will be needed as well to look at the data. Measures of variation will be the range, interquartile range, and standard deviation reported for the month’s profits, employee training impact result, dress code impact result, and ethics impact result. This will allow researchers to see if the data is spread out or clustered. Furthermore, the test of the three hypotheses will be done by multiple regression. There will be control variables since the dress code will be controlled (casual/professional) in each six-month period. Additionally, the position of the employee in the marketing department, gender, and age will be controlled. This ensures non-spuriousness. The…

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