Using The Ages And Stages Questionnaires Essay

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I screened a forty-five month and twenty-seven-day old child named C.F. using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). She has a nontraditional family, as her parents are together but not living in the same house. She is with her mom during weekdays and they travel to her dad’s house on weekends. Both parents are teachers and she goes to daycare while her mom is at work. She used to have a babysitter, however, her mother enrolled her in daycare so she can be exposed to children her age. C.F. was born full-term and has not had any concerning medical problems, and her parents are healthy as well. Their apartment is baby-proofed and her parents have car seats appropriate for her height and weight.
A 48-month questionnaire was utilized based on the child’s calculated age, which included communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, personal-social, and overall performance. She answered simple questions, demonstrated proper use of plurals and tenses, classified objects, and used connecting words like “because” and “and” often. She asked a lot of questions, which according to Papalia, Feldman, & Martorell (2012) is normal in preschoolers. Her vocabulary is extensive as her father reads to her often, which creates an impact on her language development and communication skills. For gross motor, I took her to the playground and she performed well. She held a ball with both hands and threw it over her head, jumped and hopped without losing balance, and climbed up a ladder…

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