Using Technology to Improve Annual Training Essay

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Using Technology to Improve Service Department Training

Service Departments across the Kohler distribution network are facing the same dilemma. They need to provide training to an increased number of dealers without increasing their current budgeted training costs. Adding additional “in-person” schools can be cost prohibitive, so many companies have turned to advancements in technology to provide the solutions. One of the leading solutions is web based meetings and training seminars. Online meetings and seminars are the most effective new tool to provide the needed training without raising costs.
The use of online hosting companies such as and, allows for added benefits that in-person classes do not.
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With the meetings being shorter, but more packed with information, online meetings lend themselves to being recorded very well. Most online hosting sites allow the host to record and archive their training session for play back at any time in the future. This is a great tool for use in training dealers that join the network mid-season, but still require the information that was provided in the previous years’ training. It is also a great resource for training new employees at the distributor level or retraining existing employees.
Online training seminars also allow the host to have a flexible schedule that allows for greater attendance of the target audience. Most of the technicians earn their living by commission; if they are not turning wrenches they are not making money. Many skip the meetings held in the spring since this is the busiest time of year for the Lawn and Garden industry. These meetings can be hosted or replayed at any time of day to allow for greater participation. With the shortened class length, the service manager could conceivably host two meetings a day with no additional cost to the host.
The average cost for a distributor to host a traditional live training event is roughly 1700.00. This figure includes travel expenses, conference

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