Using Scheme of Works in Maths Class Essay

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Unit 1A: Number and problem solving
Framework codes Learning objective Activities Resources Comments


Numbers and the number system Recite numbers in order.

Class counting to 20.

Number lines or squares for checking. Objects to count. Containers to help structure the counting, number lines, grids or square. Paper, unnumbered number lines, 100 square, number lines (for reference).


Count objects up to 20, recognising conservation of number.

Counting objects to 20, rearranging and checking.


Read and write numerals from 0 to 20.

Give students a number less than 20. Ask them to continue the series orally or writing.


Use more or less to compare two numbers, and give a number that lies
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Becoming familiar with the 100 square.

100 square – large. 100 square – table top.

Give students time to become familiar with 100 square.

Scheme of work – Mathematics stage 1 Unit 1A: Number and problem solving


Framework codes 1Nn5

Learning objective




Count on in twos, beginning to recognise odd/even numbers to 20 as ‘every other number. Give a sensible estimate of some objects that can be checked by counting e.g. to 30. Addition and subtraction Understand addition as counting on and combining two sets. Understand subtraction as counting back and ‘take away’. Add/subtract a single digit number by counting back/on. Add more than two small numbers, spotting pairs to ten (4+3+6 = 10+3). Understand difference as ‘how many more to make’.

Becoming familiar with the number line. Counters and cubes: estimating the numbers.

Number line – large Number line – table top Counters, cubes, number line, cloth.

Some students may need their own copy of the number line. Using the same resource, but different context.


1Nc8 1Nc9

Domino spots Domino spots

A large set of dominoes for class work. Small sets for group work. Number cards 0 – 9. Domino set for each pair. A floor number track or line, table top number lines. Blank tracks or lines Small counting apparatus Give students experience of blank and numbered lines.

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